Congratulations! Your love story is about to blossom into a charming day. The flowers you carry will forever become a cherished part of your memories, captured in photographs… What do you think of a real showstopper?

More Than Just Flowers: Wedding Bouquets 

These accurate flower arrangements are extra special for the bride and groom, and there are no logical words to explain it. Love feelings are art, sculptured in literature by the greatest poets of mankind! 

We wrote a little listing of catchy metaphors to remind you why you should really care for the symbolic meanings! Whatever the flowers: peony, lily, tulip, hydrangea or daisy, wedding bouquets are like…

  • A splendid symphony:¬†Imagine an orchestra with each bloom playing its part via unique color and scent for a harmonious and unforgettable melody.

  • A miniature garden of affection:¬†Picture personal Eden in your hands. Sweet symbolism! It represents the maturing of your relationship, a promise of a future, filled with joy.

  • A brushstroke of elegance:¬†Think of a masterpiece in miniature, a breathtaking splash of light and texture that adds a touch of artistic flair to your bridal look. An excellent stroke on your dear magic canvas.

  • A fodness letter in petals:¬†Let your¬†wedding bouquet¬†be a silent, yet powerful, expression of feelings. Feel each flush whispers a sweet sentiment, showing deep affection, shared with your partner.

  • A burst of sunshine in your arms:¬†Imagine your composition as a miniature sun, radiating warmth and happiness with its vibrancy. As you hold it down the aisle, it appears to brighten with joy and optimism that fills your heart on your special day.

  • A piece of forever:¬†Time passes by, but memories embodied in your bouquet develop as a timeless keepsake, a tangible reminder of devotion, laughter, and whispered promises.

Flouristics is about more than just decorations. It is an expression of  the exciting new beginnings of your journey together. Bridal arrangement stays as a companion throughout your wedding day, a touchy detail in countless photos, and a collection of treasured emotions for years. It deserves to be one of a kind!

Adding Family History to a Wedding Bouquet

There is one fascinating tradition. The idea is incorporating your ancestry into a new story, wth the beginning in the wedding, of course. Borrow a single flower from your mother's or grandmother's special day flower composition and put it into your own. This small gesture occurs as a meaningful symbol of connection. Another magnificent way to take their story alongside yours, wherever you are.

Popular Wedding Flowers for Your Bouquet

Take a look at some popular silky-petaled masterpieces and how they can fit into your arrangement:

  • Peony Wedding Bouquet:¬†Luxurious and juicy¬†peonies¬†are kings and queens of grandeur and romance. Ideal for a garden or vintage-inspired theme, they are simply stunning, from blush pink to deep red.

  • Lily Wedding Bouquet:¬†Elegant, full of secrets and sophistication, lilies have various types, each with its own unique look. They are available in a variety of shades, making the velvet of their petals versatile for many ideas and depths.

  • Bouquet Tulips Wedding:¬†Their cheerful petals reminded us of pure sweetness. Like candies, they come in vibrant¬† hues. They are popular for springtime or aiming for playful pops!

  • Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet:¬†Lush and voluminous, various for soft pastel colors for a whimsical or soft vibe. They can also be a more budget-friendly option for a full and dramatic effect!

  • Daisy Wedding Bouquet:¬†Little, white and innocent, they are the purest form of pure. Tender choice for a bride who wants a simple, nice and elegant option.

Final Touches For Unforgettable Appeal

Eye-catching textures, delicate accents, interesting forms… Don’t stop your limitless imagination when planning a wedding bouquet design!

A beautiful ribbon in a pink, purple, red, white, blue, or other is the right finishing touch to your composition. From satin to flowing chiffon, it is like a subtle belt, shiny necklace or elegant bracelet for women’s chiseled waist, neck, wrist or shin.

How Florists Create Wedding Bouquets 

Now that you've explored themes, roses, and textures, it's time to bring your vision to life! Casa Dei Fiori masters offer consultations where you can discuss your ideas. Wth mirriads of possible floral design-styling variants, look for floral pieces that complement each other, fit your budget, and reflect your unique style and personal ideas and vibe.

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