Carnation is used in many events such as weddings, birthdays and funeral ceremonies due to it's magnificence. If the customer wants the carnations to dominate the bouquet, there is no problem, as they come in different colors and are cheap to order in large numbers.

Diana’s flowers, namely carnations, are widely popular and have been grown for many years and have deep cultural significance in many societies. They feature long-lived flowers, which are often highly fragrant. In fact the name carnations were derived from the Latin word "carnis", which is synonymous to flesh, this was as a result of the pinks color that resembled the skin of a human being. Today, the familiar flower is available in all colors of a standard rainbow and extends to red, white, pink, yellow and purple.

Ranunculus arrangements

Few plants boast the versatility of the carnation flower, which makes arrangement limited by many options. They can also be presented in styles of either being simple as flowers which can be used as a bouquet or being more complex like the centerpiece that is made of flowers. Carnations are also used together with other flowers. It can be mixed with roses, lilies, daisies, and other flowers to give out beautiful carnation bouquet. If you need to make a wedding bouquet that will look traditional but still stunning or if you need something a little more edgy, carnation flower arrangements fit the style perfectly.

Selecting a right vase is a crucial element in arriving to an appropriate carnation bouquet. Carnations selection should also retain the color and form of the vase in which it will be put. A common and elegant option is using a crystal clear glass vase, to avoid competing with the flowers in terms of color and design. To make the entire flower arrangement slightly more contemporary, a colored or textured vase can add depth to the entire look.

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