7 unique wedding flower ideas to WOW your guests

When choosing wedding flowers, consider your overall theme, venue, and personal style.

  • Textured delights

The company can craft arrangements incorporating pampas grass, ferns, or eucalyptus. These interesting textures add depth to your centerpieces and bouquets.

  • Suspended fairytales

Casa Dei Fiori's designers can create hanging wedding flower installations that add a touch of magic to your ceremony or reception space.

  • Geometric chic

The company can design sleek and contemporary centerpieces and bouquets using terrariums or hexagonal vases.

  • Unexpected color stories

Florists can help you choose vibrant palette or unexpected combinations that reflect your personality and wedding theme.

  • Locally-sourced beauty

Incorporating simple blooms into your wedding florals. The organization can source unique and eco-friendly arrangements from local growers.

  • Edible delights

Create arrangement that incorporate edible blooms like pansies or violas.

  • DIY touches

Personalize your bunches with DIY elements. The company can provide loose blooms and greenery, allowing you to create your own centerpieces.

Your holiday deserves wedding flowers! Step away from tradition and explore these creative ideas from Casa Dei Fiori to make your celebration unforgettable.