Wedding Flower Ideas for the Summer Bride in Los Angels

Summer is an ideal time to get married, especially because many of the most beautiful and popular flower varieties are in full bloom. If you're planning a summer wedding, check out our seasonal guide to summer wedding flowers and discover the latest trends from our expert florists in Los Angels.

What Summer Wedding Flowers Are Trending in 2024?

In 2024, classic flowers like peonies, roses, dahlias, and carnations continue to be favorites for wedding bouquets and floral arrangements.

However, this year's trends also embrace more playful and unique blooms, such as leathery anthuriums and chrysanthemums, which add a touch of the otherworldly to your arrangements.

At Casa Dei Fiori, we guide our couples toward the most stunning and sustainable flower choices for the season. We also infuse our own artistic flair, skillfully incorporating playful and fresh elements to create a truly exceptional finish.

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Wedding Flower Ideas for Summer

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Bright and Beautiful

This summer, vibrant and bold color schemes are taking center stage in wedding flowers. Brides are embracing playful and optimistic looks with bright, seasonal flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, and nigella.

Transform your LA ceremony space with flower arches, decorative chair backs, or pew ends, bringing that glorious summer color indoors.

For brides, the trend of wearing flowers in your hair continues, with flower crowns being a top choice. Consult your florist to find the best flower varieties for this purpose and remember to order a sample for your hair trial.

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Pretty Pastels

Pink and blue, paired with metallic rose gold and copper tones, are a popular choice for weddings this summer.

Bridal parties in Los Angeles are embracing this theme with bridesmaids in pink dresses and groomsmen in stylish blue suits.

For your wedding flowers, ask your florist to blend pastel pink and soft blue blooms in loose arrangements, complemented by lush foliage. This creates a more formal version of the 'just-picked' look, perfect for vintage-inspired weddings.

Contrasting Colours

Returning to the theme of bright and bold hues, another trend to watch is contrasting colors! Some couples hesitate to use vibrant shades, fearing it might detract from the elegance of their wedding. But this doesn't have to be the case.

If you have a colorful personality and love vivid hues, they should definitely be part of your day. A skilled wedding florist can create the look and feel you desire. A color contrast we love this summer? Pink and red, like the florals we've designed.

It's super on-trend and maintains every bit of elegance.

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Solo Statement Flowers

The key to a good marriage, some might say, is consistency. Choosing a single type of flower can create a significant impact. Sticking with one flower and one color theme allows you to maximize the visual effect of your wedding flowers.

This approach is simple and elegant, and with the right artistic vision, it's anything but boring!

White is the most popular color choice, but a pop of your favourite color can also work wonders. Consider clouds of gypsophila or timeless flowers like roses for a stunning solo statement.

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Countryside Charm

Interestingly, many couples choosing luxury Los Angeles venues, known for their traditional glamour, now want to add a touch of rustic charm with elements of countryside allure.

As a society, there’s a growing desire to reconnect with nature.

At Casa Dei Fiori, we see this trend reflected in the increased demand for a fresh take on the classic British countryside theme. For us, countryside charm means using vibrant greens, cosmos, cornflowers, sunshine yellows, and even fragrant herbs.

For detailed bridal bouquets that capture this countryside charm, we recommend dainty florals like lily of the valley, spray roses, and forget-me-nots.

Frequently asked questions about summer wedding flowers

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I'm getting married in the middle of July. Which flowers are in season for a summer wedding?

Peonies are always a favorite for summer brides. They symbolize a happy marriage and have a lush, trendy look. For a bouquet that's as fragrant as it is beautiful, consider sweet peas, nigella, roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas.

I’m planning a tropical theme for my beach wedding but have a small flower budget. How can I get the look for less?

You can achieve a tropical vibe without using pricey tropical flowers. Opt for more affordable flowers in bright, exotic colors. Place two stems in miniature bottles filled with sand for a charming touch. Another idea is to give your bridesmaids statement corsages instead of bouquets. This will maintain your tropical theme and look stunning in photos!

I'd like to decorate the ceremony room differently and need some inspiration. Help!

Flower walls are a huge trend right now, thanks to celebrity weddings. If you’re on a budget, consider a floral arch with matching pew ends or chair backs. This creates a beautiful focal point and a great photo spot. It works wonderfully for outdoor ceremonies as well!

Embrace Summer Flower Trends for Your Big Day

Feeling inspired by this list of trends in summer wedding flowersThat's excellent news.

At Casa Dei Fiori we're excited to help you incorporate them into your wedding floristry plans.

As luxury florists in Los Angeles, we love bringing our unique artistry and passion to couples' wedding stories. We'll combine any trends you want to embrace with your ideas and our innovative floristry to provide the exquisite results you're dreaming of.

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Invite us to be part of your wedding story, and we'll offer you a personalized luxury wedding floristry service in Los Angeles.

Here’s our process:

  • Meet you at your venue to draw initial sketches.
  • Develop detailed designs from those sketches.
  • Collaborate with you to finalize the designs.
  • Create the finished floral arrangements.
  • Set up your wedding flowers on the day, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

We'll be with you every step of the way to make sure your summer wedding flowers are exactly what you've dreamed of.

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