Choosing the Florist for Your Wedding in Los Angeles

Flowers are the heart of your wedding decor because they have the power to transform any space by adding texture, color, and liveliness. Hiring a professional florist is key to achieving this, and Casa Dei Fiori flower shop is here to help. If you're wondering how to find a wedding florist, you've come to the right place. Just like any wedding pro, there are a few things to consider before starting your search for a wedding florist in Los Angeles and signing a contract.

Here's a step-by-step guide to finding your florist, including when to book a florist for your wedding and what to know before your first meeting.

When to Book a Florist for Your Wedding in LA

We recommend starting to research wedding florists in Los Angeles about 11 to 12 months before your big day, aiming to sign a contract between 9 and 10 months pre-wedding. Basically, as soon as you've booked your wedding venue and officially set a date, you can start researching other vendors, including your florist.

The earlier you secure a florist, the better, especially if you're getting married during peak wedding season, planning to include elaborate flower arrangements, or wanting to get your hands on some of the most popular wedding flowers. Casa Dei Fiori flower shop can help ensure that your floral dreams become a reality, no matter the season or complexity.

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What to Look for in a Wedding Florist in Los Angeles

Design compatibility is crucial, but it's not the only factor to consider when choosing a wedding florist. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find the perfect florist for your Los Angeles wedding.

Establish Your Wedding Flower Style

Floral designers are artists, each with their own methods and techniques. Some traditional florists specialize in tall, ornate centerpieces, while modern wedding florists excel at minimalist arrangements, and boho wedding florists focus on loose, oversized designs. Therefore, it's essential to find a florist who not only fits your wedding budget but also aligns with your wedding style. Spend time looking at photos of wedding flower trends, bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces to determine your style and zero in on exactly what you're looking for. Additionally, familiarize yourself with some of the most common wedding flower arrangements and ideas so you'll be able to communicate effectively with your florist. 

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Schedule a Consultation with a Los Angeles Wedding Florist

Whether your initial consultation takes place in person or over the phone, speaking directly with potential florists can help you quickly understand if they will be a good fit for your Los Angeles wedding. If you're visiting their studio to look at sample arrangements, you'll get the chance to see their designs and workspace in person. After a brief chat about availability and starting price points, set up appointments with your shortlist of florists (we recommend starting with just one or two).

So, what do you need to know before meeting with a wedding florist? Come to the consultation prepared with a list of questions for your florist and the following information:

  • Your wedding date
  • Your wedding venue
  • An estimated guest count (including the number of wedding party members)
  • Wedding color scheme or vibe, flower ideas, and must-haves
  • A list of your other confirmed wedding vendors
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Review Design Proposals in Los Angeles

After your consultation, the florist will send you a design proposal or mood board outlining their ideas and estimated costs. This is your opportunity to review the design proposals and make any necessary adjustments to your wedding package. If you want to schedule a second meeting or follow-up call to discuss changes, now is the time to do it before officially signing a contract.

If you're still crunching numbers, ask the florist to prepare a few different proposals: a "best-case scenario" where you're able to splurge a little more, and a "bare-minimum scenario" that focuses on just the essentials. From there, you can work with them to create exactly what you want. For example, if reception decor is a big priority for you, you might choose to spend more on the centerpieces and downsize the bridesmaid bouquets instead.

When planning your wedding in Los Angeles, take advantage of the city's diverse floral offerings and the expertise of local florists to ensure your vision comes to life perfectly.

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How to Coordinate With Your Florist After Booking in Los Angeles

The hard work of finding your wedding florist is over, but you'll want to check in a few more times leading up to the wedding day. Stay on track with these tips from the experts of Casa Dei Fiori, the best flower shop in Los Angeles.

Show Your Detailed Wedding Vision

By now, you've shared your basic thoughts with your florist, but they may need further direction as the real planning gets underway. Your florist isn't a mind reader, so be very clear about what you want and, more specifically, what you absolutely don't want.

Images are often more telling than words—verbal descriptions are open to interpretation and sometimes misunderstood. Create a wedding mood board, send your florist photos of your wedding invites, and share fabric samples of your table linens so they can get a sense of the overall vibe.

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Give Your Florist Freedom to Be Creative

While gathering LA wedding inspiration is exciting, it's not realistic to expect your florist to create an exact replica of another florist's work. When you're collecting photos for inspiration, think of those ideas as guidelines.

The purpose of sharing photos with your florist is to convey the color scheme, level of formality, and general direction for standout details, like a ceremony arch or flower-covered cake table. Your florist will take those ideas into consideration while putting their own artistic touch on the final product.

Remember that they may need to make some adjustments depending on flower availability and your budget. 

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Designate a Wedding Day Point-Person

Your florist will bring their own team on the wedding day, but since you'll be busy getting ready, it's a good idea to designate someone to handle any last-minute vendor questions or hiccups (hopefully, there are none).

If you're working with a wedding planner or venue coordinator, this will be their responsibility. If not, enlist the help of a trusted friend who isn't in the wedding party. Tasks might include overseeing the flower delivery, double-checking the table layouts, or tipping the florist with an envelope of cash.

Share the plan (and a finalized wedding day timeline) with your florist ahead of time so everyone is on the same page.

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When planning your wedding in Los Angeles, take advantage of the city's diverse floral offerings and the expertise of Casa Dei Fiori to ensure your vision comes to life perfectly.

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