Best Flower Arrangements for a Corporate Event in Los Angeles

Corporate events serve various purposes, from appreciating employees for their hard work to launching a new product or business. You might also be hosting clients to thank them for their support. No matter the reason, make your event memorable with the perfect decorations.

Floral decorations at corporate events highlight your professionalism. They show guests that you pay attention to detail and care about the company’s image. But what are the best flower arrangements for a corporate event in Los Angeles? We've compiled inspiration for the best corporate event flowers and installations below to help you plan an unforgettable evening.

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Where to Place Flower Arrangements at Corporate Events in Los Angeles

When planning floral arrangements for corporate events, placement is crucial. Too many flowers can overwhelm the venue, while too few might not make an impact. The number and location of arrangements depend on your venue’s size and event type. Here are some strategic spots for placing corporate flower arrangements.

Tables are prime spots for flower decorations. Consider the following:

 If your event includes seated dining, adorn each table with impressive centerpieces. Choose sizes and heights that suit the table and room layout.

Small bud vases on cocktail tables add elegance without much expense.

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For events with designated seating, use floral touches to highlight the escort card table, directing guests to their seats with style.

Small floral arrangements on buffet or drink tables tie these areas into the overall decor.

If you’re offering gifts or favors, decorate these tables with beautiful flowers to show appreciation.

For trade shows, a floral arrangement at your booth can draw attention and showcase your brand's attention to detail.

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Decorated entrances can make a venue feel grand and set the tone for your event. Consider these ideas:

Create a grand entrance with floral archways, using greenery or flowers for a stunning display.

Decorate doorways or archways with garlands, either all greenery or mixed with flowers, for simple yet elegant decor.

Place floral arrangements on pedestals flanking the entrance. Choose pedestals that complement the venue and event style.

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For events with a stage, like awards ceremonies or corporate gatherings, decorate the stage to match the occasion’s importance. Here’s how:

Adorn stage stairs with short floral arrangements to give guests a red-carpet feel.

Low arrangements along the stage's front edge add depth and beauty. Coordinate them with other stage decorations.

Use the stage backdrop as a canvas for floral arrangements, archways, or sculptures. These decorations keep guests' eyes on the stage and enhance event photos.

Decorate the podium with a large bouquet or a flowing floral display for added elegance.

By thoughtfully placing flower arrangements around your corporate event in Los Angeles, you enhance the venue’s aesthetic and show your commitment to creating a memorable experience for your guests.

Floral Installations for Corporate Events in Los Angeles

Make your corporate event memorable with large floral installations. These dramatic pieces are perfect for awards shows, charity galas, appreciation functions, and other celebratory gatherings. Here are some ideas to elevate your event:

Create a stunning floral accent wall to serve as a decoration or photo backdrop. Enhance it with a sign featuring your business name or logo for a marketing touch. Guests can take photos in front of it and share them, increasing your company's exposure.

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Add a branded floral touch by having professionals construct your company initials or logo in flowers. Use this decor to accent a blank wall or greet guests at the entrance. It's a unique way to market your company and create exposure as guests take photos of the impressive display.

A floral chandelier or hanging installation adds a unique sculptural touch from above. Use it on a stage, at entranceways, or above tables. A hanging floral installation will get guests talking and showcase the thought you put into your event decor.

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For a product launch, create a showstopping display with floral structures. The specific design will depend on your product and the overall setup. Professional designers can provide suggestions to suit your needs.

These large installations will make your corporate event stand out, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Which Flowers Are Best for a Corporate Event?

Choosing the right flowers for a corporate event in Los Angeles involves more than just picking what's popular or in season. Some flowers are better suited to certain events than others, and their meanings can play a significant role in setting the tone. Here are some top choices:


Delphiniums are great for adding height and elegance to your arrangements. They come in various shades of blue and purple, which can convey dignity and grace. They are ideal for creating striking displays at business events.

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Orchids are a favorite for corporate events due to their exotic look and variety of colors and scents. They are perfect for work meetings and product launches. Yellow orchids symbolize friendship and new beginnings, while orange ones represent pride, enthusiasm, and boldness.


Tulips are large, showy flowers that make a strong impression, making them ideal for business conferences. Available in a range of colors like white, yellow, pink, and red, tulips can add a vibrant touch to your event decor.

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Roses can be used for almost any occasion. While they symbolize love, they also convey hope, promise, and new beginnings. Roses come in various colors, including white, yellow, pink, orange, purple, and red, making them suitable for diverse corporate events.


Daffodils, with their bright yellow or white petals, evoke a sunny feel and symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. They can boost the mood, making them ideal for business meetings and events focused on future plans or new company phases.

By considering the meanings and characteristics of these flowers, you can choose the best blooms to enhance the atmosphere of your corporate event.

How Casa Dei Fiori Can Help

At Casa Dei Fiori, we specialize in bringing corporate events to life with stunning floral designs. Whether you're hosting a gala, dinner, conference, party, or any other corporate gathering, our skilled team of floral designers is here to assist you every step of the way.

From table centrepieces to floral walls, ceiling treatments, and everything in between, we offer a wide range of floral decor options to suit your event needs. Our designs incorporate sustainably sourced flowers, ensuring both beauty and environmental responsibility.

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Need flowers for your business event? Select from seasonal arrangements to add a touch of elegance to conferences, meetings, or any corporate function.

When you collaborate with Casa Dei Fiori, we take the time to understand your specific needs, budget, and venue specifications. Our team works closely with you to design custom decor that reflects your business values and professionalism, ensuring a memorable event experience.

Planning a corporate function can be stressful, but with Casa Dei Fiori, you can relax knowing that our on-site production crew will handle all floral and decor installations. After your event, our team will promptly dismantle and remove everything, leaving the venue in pristine condition.

Let Casa Dei Fiori elevate your next corporate event with exquisite floral designs and exceptional service. Contact us today to discuss your event needs and start planning a memorable experience for your guests.

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